Panasonic DMC-TZ10 Operating Guide

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Setting up
Connecting a digital camera to a PC
When a digital camera compatible with this software is connected, a picture can be acquired from the memory card of camera, or a picture can 
be recorded on a memory card from a PC.
Make sure that there is enough power remaining in the battery of 
the digital camera and notebook computer. If possible, use the AC 
Start the PC.
Turn on the digital camera.
Connect the digital camera to the PC.
Connect by fully inserting the USB connection cable that is 
supplied with the digital camera.
Set the digital camera to PC connection.
When the digital camera is recognized by the PC, the [Copy to 
PC] screen is displayed.
To copy pictures to the PC, follow the instructions. 
For details on connecting, refer to the operating instructions for the 
digital camera.
When the digital camera is correctly recognized by the PC, it is added 
to [Computer] ([My Computer]) as a drive.
If a window other than the PHOTOfunSTUDIO window is displayed, 
such as the LUMIX Simple Viewer window, click [No] to close the 
If the [Copy to PC] screen is not displayed, select the 
PHOTOfunSTUDIO icon in the Windows automatic playback window 
(operation selection window).
If the Windows automatic playback window (operation selection 
window) is displayed, click 
 to close the window.
Do not operate the digital camera or disconnect the USB connection 
cable while transferring data from the digital camera. The software 
may not function correctly and damage the data being transferred.
Pictures cannot be copied from this software to some digital cameras. 
In such cases, please use an SD card reader/writer etc.
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