Panasonic TX-L50E6B Operating Guide

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  Important Notice
 Notice for DVB / Data broadcasting / 
IPTV functions
 This TV is designed to meet the standards (as of 
August, 2012) of digital services.
 Not all the features are available depending on the 
country, area, broadcaster, service provider and 
network environment.
 The compatibility with future services is not 
 Check the latest information on the available 
services at the following website.
 Panasonic does not guarantee operation and 
performance of peripheral devices made by other 
manufacturers; and we disclaim any liability or damage 
arising from operation and/or performance from usage 
of such other maker’s peripheral devices.
 This product is licensed under the AVC patent portfolio 
license for the personal and non-commercial use of a 
consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the 
AVC Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC 
Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in 
a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was 
obtained from a video provider licensed to provide 
AVC Video. No license is granted or shall be implied 
for any other use.
 Additional information may be obtained from MPEG 
 Rovi Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and related 
affiliates are not in any way liable for the accuracy 
or availability of the program schedule information 
or other data in the Rovi Guide system and cannot 
guarantee service availability in your area. In no event 
shall Rovi Corporation and/or its related affiliates be 
liable for any damages in connection with the accuracy 
or availability of the program schedule information or 
other data in the Rovi Guide system.
 Transport only in upright position
  Safety Precautions
 To help avoid risk of electrical shock, fire, damage or 
injury, please follow the warnings and cautions below:
 Mains plug and lead
 If you detect anything unusual, 
immediately switch off the mains 
supply switch and remove the 
mains plug.
 This TV is designed to operate on AC 220-240 V, 50 / 
60 Hz.
 Insert the mains plug fully into the socket outlet.
 Ensure that the mains plug is easily accessible.
 Disconnect the mains plug when cleaning the TV.
 For the information of the trademarks, refer to [eHELP] 
(Support > Licence).