Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to the Shooting Conditions)
Tips and Notes About Scene Mode
• While the shutter-release button is held all the way down, images are captured 
• The camera can capture up to about 5 images continuously at a rate of about 7.5 fps 
(when Image mode is set to P 4608×3456).
• The frame rate for continuous shooting may become slow depending on the current 
image mode setting, the memory card used, or shooting conditions.
• Focus, exposure, and hue for the second and subsequent images are fixed at the values 
determined with the first image.
• On the screen displayed when e Night portrait is selected, select u Hand-held or w 
• Hand-held:
- While  the  e icon on the shooting screen is displayed in green, press the shutter-release 
button all the way to capture a series of images which are combined into a single image 
and saved.
- Once the shutter-release button is pressed all the way, hold the camera still until a still 
image is displayed. After taking a picture, do not turn the camera off before the screen 
switches to the shooting screen.
- If the subject moves while the camera is shooting continuously, the image may be 
distorted, overlapped, or blurred.
- Continuous shooting may not be possible in certain shooting conditions.
• Tripod:
- One image is captured at a slow shutter speed when the shutter-release button is 
pressed all the way.
- Vibration reduction is disabled even when Photo VR (
A167) in the setup menu is set 
to On.
• To avoid the effects of camera shake, hold the camera steady. Set Photo VR (A167) to 
Off in the setup menu when using a tripod to stabilize the camera during shooting.
d Sports
e Night portrait
f Party/indoor