Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Recording Superlapse Movies
The camera records movies and saves them in fast motion (e 1080/30p or 
1080/25p). Use to record a movie while moving the camera. The camera 
compresses the time of changes in the subject and saves the movie.
* The icon of the last scene selected is displayed.
Use the multi selector 
HI to select a 
playback speed, and press the 
k button.
• At the default setting of , a movie recorded for 
six minutes is played back as a one-minute movie.
• If an individual movie file reaches 4 GB in size or 
the recording time exceeds 29 minutes, recording 
ends automatically.
Press the 
b (e movie-record) button 
to start recording.
• The focus area for autofocus differs depending on 
the setting of AF area mode (
A144). The default 
setting is Face priority.
• You can check the recording time and playback 
time on the screen.
• It is recommended that you display the movie 
frame that indicates the area that will be recorded 
in a movie (
• Sound is not recorded.
Shooting Still Images
• A still image (l 4608×2592) can be captured if you press the shutter-release button 
before pressing the 
b (e movie-record) button.
• You can shoot still images while recording movies (A84).
Recording Superlapse Movies
Enter shooting mode 
M A (shooting mode) button M b (second icon from 
the top*) 
M K M HI M u (superlapse movie) M k button
01m 0s
01m 0s
06m 0s
06m 0s
Recording time
Playback time