Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Notes About Location Data Functions (GPS/GLONASS, Electronic Compass)
Location name data of this camera
Before using the location data functions, make sure to read “USER LICENSE 
A218) and agree to the terms.
• The location name information (Points of Interest: POI) will not be updated.
• Use the location name information only as a guide.
• The location name information (Points of Interest: POI) of the People’s Republic of 
China (“China”) and the Republic of Korea is not provided for the COOLPIX W300.
Notes about record location data functions and log recording
• When Use built-in location data in Location data options in the location data 
options menu is set to On or while recording logs, record location data functions 
and log recording will continue to operate even after the camera is turned off 
• An individual may be identified from still images or movies that have been 
recorded with location data. Observe caution when you transfer still images or 
movies recorded with location data, or  log files to a third party or upload them to a 
network such as the Internet where the public can view them. Make sure to read 
“Disposing of Data Storage Devices” (
Notes about measurement functions
The COOLPIX W300 is a camera. Do not use this camera as a navigation device or 
measuring instrument.
• Use information (such as direction, altitude and water depth) measured by the 
camera as a guideline only. Do not use this information for navigation of an 
airplane, car, and person or land survey applications.
• When you use the camera for mountain climbing, trekking, or underwater, make 
sure to take a map, navigation device, or measuring instrument separately.
Using the camera overseas
• Before taking the camera with location data functions overseas for travel, consult 
your travel agency or embassy of the country you are visiting to confirm whether 
there is any restriction on use. 
For example, you cannot record location data logs without permission from the 
government in China.
Set Use built-in location data to Off.
• The location data may not function properly in China and on the borders between 
China and neighboring countries (as of December 2014).
Notes About Location Data Functions (GPS/
GLONASS, Electronic Compass)