Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Error Messages
Refer to the table below if an error message is displayed.
Error Messages
Battery temperature is 
elevated. The camera will 
turn off.
The camera turns off automatically. Wait until the 
camera or battery temperature has cooled 
before resuming use.
The camera will turn off to 
prevent overheating.
The battery is cold. Frame 
size/rate set to 1080/30p.
The battery temperature is below 0°C (32°F). If you 
want to continue recording movies with the size/
frame rate set to d 2160/30p (4K UHD), c 
2160/25p (4K UHD), e 1080/60p
1080/50p, h HS 480/4×, a 
HS 480/4×
, j HS 1080/0.5×, or 
HS 1080/0.5×, remove the battery from the 
camera and warm it up with your palms, etc. 
before use.
The battery is cold. Frame 
size/rate set to 1080/25p.
The battery is cold, limiting 
access to some features.
Battery exhausted.
• Charge the battery.
• The battery temperature went below 0°C 
(32°F) while recording movies with the size/
frame rate set to d 2160/30p (4K UHD), 
2160/25p (4K UHD), e 1080/60p
1080/50p, h HS 480/4×
HS 480/4×, j HS 1080/0.5×, or 
HS 1080/0.5×. The camera stops 
recording and automatically turns off. To 
continue recording, change the movie 
options. If you want to continue recording 
movies with the size/frame rate set to 
2160/30p (4K UHD), c 2160/25p 
(4K UHD), e 1080/60p, f 1080/50p
HS 480/4×, a HS 480/4×
HS 1080/0.5×, or Y HS 1080/0.5×
remove the battery from the camera and 
warm it up with your palms, etc. before use.
Memory card is write 
The write-protect switch is locked. Unlock it.
This card cannot be used.
An error occurred while accessing the memory card.
• Use an approved memory card.
• Check that the terminals are clean.
• Confirm that the memory card is correctly inserted.
This card cannot be read.