Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Technical Notes
Cleaning After Using the Camera Underwater
Follow the procedure below to rinse the camera with fresh water within 60 minutes after 
using it underwater or at the beach.
1. Keep the battery-chamber/memory 
card slot cover closed and wash off 
the camera with fresh water.
Immerse the camera in a shallow basin filled 
with fresh water for 10 minutes.
• Immerse the camera in fresh water and 
shake it sufficiently in the water to 
remove any foreign substances from 
the camera.
• When the camera is immersed in the 
water, a few air bubbles may come out from the water drain holes of the camera 
such as openings in the microphone or speakers. This is not a malfunction.
2. Wipe off water droplets with a soft cloth and dry the camera in a well-
ventilated and shady place.
• Place the camera on a dry cloth to dry it.
• Do not dry the camera with hot air from a hair dryer or clothes dryer.
3. After making sure that there are no water droplets on the camera, open 
the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover and use a soft dry cloth to 
gently wipe off any water or sand remaining on the waterproof packing or 
inside the camera.
• If the cover is closed when the inside is wet, this could cause condensation or a 
Cleaning After Using the Camera in Conditions Other 
than Underwater
Use a blower to remove any dust or lint that adheres to the lens, monitor, or camera body. 
To remove fingerprints or other stains that cannot be removed with a blower, gently wipe 
the parts with a soft dry cloth. If you wipe with too much pressure or with a rough cloth, it 
may damage the camera or cause a malfunction.
Cleaning and Storage
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