Sony VSP-BZ10 User Manual

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Digital Signage Player
The VSP-BZ10 is a simple digital signage player for easy and effective delivery of visual messages.
Small in size and low on power consumption, the VSP-BZ10 is packed with useful features and functions.  
It adopts a high-performance hardware video decoder that assures you of both high-quality HD image 
delivery and the reliability required for digital signage applications.
The player’s full HD video display capability realizes the delivery of exciting, information-rich content at 
an affordable cost.
Whether used as a stand-alone sneakernet digital signage player or networked with multiple units, the 
VSP-BZ10 helps to enhance the viewing experience and is sure to leave your audiences with a long-
lasting impression.

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  • Page 1VSP-BZ10 Digital Signage Player The VSP-BZ10 is a simple digital signage player for easy and effective delivery of visual messages....
  • Page 2Compact Body Packed With Abundant Functions. Fully HD-compatible Digital Signage Player. The VSP-BZ10 is a fully HD-compatible output digital signage...
  • Page 3Simple Operation and Expandability USB Sneakernet Compatibility Enables Flexible System Configuration Network USB2.0 SDHC USB2.0, SDHC Class Management software Management...
  • Page 4 Specifications General External dimensions (W x H x D) 7 7/8 x 1 1/4 x 5 7/16 inches (200...