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The importance of power supply in portable equipment markets is continually growing.  Demands for smaller 
size, reduced mass, and extra power are profoundly impacting laptop computer, cellular phone and other 
mobile markets. Yet power supply needs are incomparably higher in broadcast and professional video 
applications where environment is a key operational concern.
Sony has an unparalleled track record in the professional video industry, producing an appropriate line of 
video production equipment according to increasing demands from frontline professionals.  Sony power 
supply systems are designed to answer the essential demands of professional users, providing full functionality 
and cutting-edge features.
Power Supply Systems
Battery Pack
Battery Charger
AC Adaptor
Battery Adaptor
Battery Pack
Battery Charger

Summary of Contents of user manual for Sony BP-U30 BPU30

  • Page 1Power Supply Systems BP-GL95A/BP-GL65A/BP-L80S/BP-L60S Battery Pack BC-L70/BC-L160/BC-L500 Battery Charger AC-DN10/AC-DN2B AC Adaptor BKW-L200/BKW-R1/BKW-R4/BKW-L601/BKP-L551 Battery Adaptor BP-U90/BP-U60/BP-U30 Battery Pack BC-U2/BC-U1 Battery...
  • Page 2V-mount Batteries BP-GL Series and BP-L Series Lithium-ion Battery Packs come with a durable V-mount mechanism, which provides high compatibility...
  • Page 3V-mount Battery Lineup BP-GL95A BP-GL65A BP-L80S BP-L60S Features “INFO” function l l – – Remaining capacity display on camcorder Percentage...
  • Page 4V-mount Battery Chargers BC-L70 BC-L160 BC-L500 Two-channel Simultaneous Four-channel Simultaneous Desktop-type Four-channel Charger Charger Simultaneous Charger • Compact and lightweight...
  • Page 5AC Adaptors AC-DN10 AC-DN2B AC Adaptor/Charger AC Adaptor/Charger • Max. 100 W DC power supply • Max. 150 W DC...
  • Page 6V-mount Battery Adaptors BKW-L200 BKW-R1 BKW-R4 Dual Battery Adaptor Dual Battery Adaptor for SR-R1 Dual Battery Adaptor for SR-R4 •...
  • Page 7Batteries for XDCAM Handy Camcorders Sony provides the BP-U Series compact lithium-ion battery for handy type of XDCAM products. This...
  • Page 8 Compact Battery Chargers and Accessory Kit BC-U2 BC-U1 ACC-U60 Two-channel Simultaneous Battery Battery Charger Accessory Kit Charger • Charges...