Le Robert LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 500GB 300951EK Leaflet

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LaCie Ethernet Disk mini
Practical and portable
network hard drive
The LaCie Ethernet Disk mini can be used as a shared 
network drive through Ethernet or as an external hard 
drive through USB 2.0. Share and store data with other 
computers via an Ethernet network connection or directly 
attach it to a personal computer via USB to back up 
personal fi les in a separate location from the main 
hard drive.
The portability of this expedient drive makes shuttling 
data from home to offi ce and back effortlessly simple. 
With this easy-to-use storage solution, you can instantly 
share data, documents and photos from any networked 
computer. Compatible with Windows
, Mac
Linux operating systems, it offers maximum fl exibility 
for all users.
A web-based administration interface allows for simple 
settings of share levels to control access to fi les. Secure 
your data with user permissions so only authorized users 
can share information while on a common network. 
Multiple users can simultaneously access data stored 
on this cross-platform network solution.
Designed for small offi ce and home offi ce environments, 
this user-friendly hard drive is so easy to install, no 
prior networking experience is required. Encased in a 
sturdy heat-resistant aluminum, this drive is durable 
and reliable. The original, stylish d2 hard drive design 
can be stackable, rack-mountable or stand upright on 
your desktop. 
• Flexible and affordable network storage 
• Hi-Speed USB personal hard drive 
• Designed for Windows
, Mac
 and Linux systems
• Easy-to-install and easy-to-use