Digital Concepts CH-3450/CAN User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the CH-3450/CAN universal digital camera travel 
charger.   You  can  use  this  charger  anywhere  in  the  world  to  charge  your 
Canon  digital  camera  and  camcorder  batteries.  With  its  rapid  charging 
speeds, and easy to understand LED charging indicator, you will find that this 
charger is a quick and simple solution to all of your charging needs.
Item Number: CH-3450/CAN
Input: 100-250V AC 50/60HZ   *   12V DC
Output: 4.2V===500M
Using Your CH-3450/CAN Charger
Universal Digital Camera Travel Charger
User’s Manual
Finding the Correct Plate For your Canon Battery
In order to see which plate is suitable for your Canon battery, please 
refer to the chart below:
Important Safety Instructions:
1. For indoor use only. Do not expose charger to rain, snow, or excessive moisture.
2. Never use an extension cord or any attachments not provided with this unit. This 
may result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
3. Do not operate the charger if it has been subjected to shock.
4. Do not disassemble the charger. Incorrect reassembly may result in shock or fire. 
For service, please contact the manufacturer of this device or a trained professional.
5. Always unplug the charger before attempting maintenance or cleaning.
6. Never alter the plug provided. Improper connection can result in shock or fire.
7. This charger is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without 
8. Never use as a power source.
Sakar Warranty Card
This warranty covers the original consumer purchaser only and is not transferable. 
Products that fail to function properly
UNDER NORMAL USAGE, due to defects in material or workmanship, will be repaired 
at no charge for parts or labor
for a period of one year.
What Is Not Covered By Warranty:
Damages or malfunctions not resulting from defects in material or workmanship 
and damages or malfunctions from
other than normal use, including but limited to, repair by unauthorized parties, 
tampering, modification or accident.
What To Do When Service Is Required:
When returning your defective product (postage pre-paid) for service, your package 
should include:
1. Copy of original bill of sale
2. A detailed written description of the problem.
3. Your return address and telephone number (Daytime)
Sakar International
Attention: Service Department
195 Carter Drive
Edison, NJ 08817
You may also visit for further assistance if necessary or call our tech 
support department toll free at (877) 397-8200. 
If  the  battery  plate  inserted 
in  the  charger  does  not 
correspond  to  your  battery, 
you will need to remove it.  To 
do so, hold down the latch on 
the  battery  plate,  and  pull  it 
away from the charger.
Locate  the  charging  plate 
that will fit your battery.  You 
can use the chart on the right 
for assistance.  Carefully snap 
the charging plate onto your 
Slide  your  battery  onto  the 
charger.  Be sure to match up 
the  contact  pins  on  the 
battery to the corresponding 
markings  on  your  battery 
plate.    The  battery  should 
slide firmly into place.
Plug  your  charger  into  an 
available  electricity  socket.  
When it is plaugged in with a 
battery  inserted,  a  red  light 
will  turn  on  to  indicate  the 
battery is charging.
When  your  battery  is  fully 
charged,  the  light  on  the 
charger will turn green.
Use  the  DC  car  cable  to 
connect  to  one  of  your  car’s 
DC  power  outlets  if  you 
would  like  to  charge  your 
battery while you are on the 
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