Adobe Flash Media Server 2 (EN) Qty4 MLP, TLP Educational 5000+ 38037574ET Data Sheet

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The scaleable media server for streaming interactive media applications
Flash Media Server 2 (FMS2) offers the unique combination of traditional streaming media capabilities
and a flexible development environment for creating and delivering innovative, interactive media applications
to the broadest possible audience. This combination enables organizations to create and deliver a range
of basic experiences such as Video on Demand, live web-event broadcasts, and MP3 streaming as well
as rich media communication applications like video blogging, video messaging, and multimedia chat
environments to let you reach your audiences the way you want.
Engage your audience with
interactive content.
Advanced Seek
Enable your viewers to jump immediately
to any part of the video regardless of
the length of the video or whether it has
been fully downloaded.
Video Hotspots
Embed clickable hotspots in the video
to let your viewers display associated
content or trigger alternative endings
to the content.
Multiple Camera Angles
Let viewers choose from different points
of view for deeply engaging, interactive
Best Media Experiences
Create and deliver consistent
and highly differentiated
media experiences.
Seamless Integration
Seamlessly integrate media
experiences in your website without
having to pop up other windows or
browsers for a clean, cohesive look.
Custom Player
Take control of the look and feel of
your media player to conform to site
design specifications and promote your
brands. Build custom players with
unique functionality to differentiate your
experience and engage and retain your
audiences. Showcase your video in a
player that reflects your brand guidelines.
High-quality Video
Support for a new video codec offers
superior video quality at smaller file sizes.
Instant On
A small, light-weight file format, protocol,
and player coupled with a programmable
buffer control on the server enable
FMS2 streamed media to start instantly
when the play button is selected.
More Reach, Less Hassle
Reach the widest audience with
the least effort.
Broadest Reach
Flash is the world’s most pervasive
software platform, reaching over 98%
of all connected desktops, and is
distributed through Microsoft®, Apple®,
Netscape®, and AOL®.
“It Just Works”
Flash offers consistent media
experiences across operating systems
and browsers, freeing up your
development staff to work on great
new experiences rather than creating
fixes to work across platforms.
Lower Costs
Bypass the need to encode into
different formats and develop multiple
versions of your site to reach multiple
platforms. Encode and develop once
and deliver everywhere with FMS2.
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