AML KDT750 KDT750-0100 Leaflet

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Large 640 x 480 color, 
full VGA display
Ultra-compact, space-saving 
Touch screen with four 
programmable push buttons
Wired or wireless network 
Power-over-Ethernet ready
Full range of functional
accessories, peripherals and 
mounting hardware options
Custom device colors available
Display colorful, dynamic graphics and messages that capture attention and engage customers 
to learn more about products and offers at the point of purchase.
Maximize valuable space in your business. The KDT750 mounts easily to walls, poles, shelves, 
tabletops and more with optional flush, angled, side or adjustable mounting hardware.
Provide finger touch navigation to menu selections and help users find the information they want, 
when they want it.
Connect to your network via Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX or optional wireless 802.11b/g/n LAN data 
Rapidly deploy devices without incurring the time and costs associated with electrical work.
Individually configure the KDT750 to fit your specific application requirements. Options include 
magnetic swipe reader, HID proximity card reader and 1D or omni-directional 2D type barcode 
Extend corporate branding to the point of purchase. Available for enterprise-wide installations
(call for details).
Price Checker
Increase customer satisfaction. Grow your business.
The KDT750 from AML is a user-friendly, full-feature price verification 
system that delivers outstanding functional value in a compact, 
space-saving footprint. Featuring simple touch screen navigation 
and a 5.6” full VGA color display, the KDT750 allows retailers to 
deploy applications that engage customers and enhance the 
shopping experience – right at the point of purchase. 
Customers can use the AML KDT750 to check prices by simply 
scanning product bar code labels – freeing store employees for 
more critical, bottom line activities. Retailers can easily develop 
and deploy additional point of purchase (POP) screens and 
applications, utilizing the built-in software tools provided with the 
KDT750. Power-over-Ethernet ready, the KDT750 communicates 
with the store network via standard Ethernet or optional 
802.11b/g/n WLAN radio technology.
Price Checker
Stock Verifier
Loyalty Programs
Advertising Messages
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Magnetic Stripe
Reader Attachment
RAM® Mount
HID Proximity Card
Reader Attachment
External Omni-direct.
Laser Attachment
The KDT750 has many available integrated 
and external, user input options including a 
Magnetic-Stripe Reader and an External 
Omni-directional laser.