Spracht RHL-2010 Leaflet

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Remote Handset Lifter
For Z
M DECT Headset
 and any Telephone with a Handset
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The Spracht Remote Handset Lifter, 
RHL-2010, will work with the ZuM DECT 
Headset™ and  virtually all phones with a 
handset with RJ11 jacks. The Remote 
Handset Lifter fits on your telephone, and 
has been optimized for use with our 
wireless ZuM DECT Headset™. It lets you 
answer and end calls when you are away 
from your desk with the touch of an On/Off 
button on the headset. The handset lifter is 
easy to install and comes with attachment 
pads to attach it to your phone. 
Features of RHL-2010 Include:
• Lifter Cord.
• Adjustable support bar.
• Lifter Arm.
• Ring detection sensor.
• Ring detection sound level adjustment switch. 
• Lifting height adjustment lever.
Shown in place on phone and 
with ZuM DECT Headset™
In place on phone
Remote Handset Lifter 
showing mic for optional use