Cisco 5508 AIR-CT5508-HA-K9 Data Sheet

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Data Sheet 
Maximum Performance and Scalability 
●  Support for up to 500 access points and 7000 clients 
●  802.11n optimized for up to nine times the 
performance of 802.11a/g networks 
●  Enhanced uptime with the ability to simultaneously 
configure and manage 500 access points per 
Improved Mobility and Services 
●  Larger mobility domain for more simultaneous client 
●  Faster radio resource management (RRM) updates 
for uninterrupted network access when roaming 
●  Intelligent RF control plane for self-configuration, 
self-healing, and self-optimization 
●  Efficient roaming improves application performance 
such as toll quality, voice, and consistent streaming 
of video and data backup 
Licensing Flexibility and Investment Protection 
●  Additional access point capacity licenses may be 
added over time 
Cisco OfficeExtend Solution 
●  Secure, simple, cost-effective mobile teleworker 
●  Up to 500 remote access points per controller 
●  Supports Cisco
 Unified IP Phones for reduced cell 
phone charges 
Comprehensive Wired/Wireless Security 
●  Full Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access 
Points (CAPWAP) access-point-to-controller 
●  Supports rogue access point detection and denial-of-
service attacks 
●  Management frame protection detects malicious 
users and alerts network administrators 
Enterprise Wireless Mesh 
●  Dynamic wireless mesh networks support indoor and 
outdoor connectivity for areas that are difficult to wire 
Environmentally Responsible 
●  Support for adaptive power management to turn off 
access point radios during off-peak hours to reduce 
power consumption 
●  OfficeExtend solution reduces costs and supports 
green best practices by reducing commuting time 
and saving on gas, vehicle mileage, and insurance 
Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers 
The Cisco
 5500 Series Wireless Controller, shown in Figure 1, is 
a highly scalable and flexible platform that enables systemwide 
services for mission-critical wireless networking in medium-sized 
to large enterprises and campus environments. Designed for 
 performance and maximum scalability, the 5500 Series 
offers enhanced uptime with: 
RF visibility and protection 
The ability to simultaneously manage up to 50
Superior performance for reliable streaming video and toll- 
quality voice 
Sub-second stateful failover of all access points and 
clients from the primary to standby controller 
Figure 1. Cisco 5500 Series Wireless LAN Controller 
Optimized for high-performanc
 networking, the Cisco 
5500 Series Controller offers improved mobility and prepares the 
business for the next wave of mobile devices and applications. 
The 5500 Series supports a higher density of clients and delivers 
more efficient roaming, with at least nine times the throughput of 
existing 802.11a/g networks. 
The 5500 Series automates wireless configuration and 
management functions and allows network managers to have the 
visibility and control needed to cost-effectively manage, secure, 
and optimize the performance of their wireless networks. With 
integrated Cisco CleanAir
technology, the 5500 Series protects 
802.11n performance by providing cross-network access to real-
time and historic RF interference information for quick 
troubleshooting and resolution.