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and tamper-proof
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madeSafe  Internet  content  filtering 
software  is  designed  to  protect  your 
family  from  the  dangers  of  the 
Internet.  It  also  enables  you  to 
customise  your  PC  so  that  your  child 
can access the very best web sites, as 
well as teaching them to be safe and 
follow  the  Privacy  Code.  madeSafe 
Child  protects  you  where  anti-virus 
and  firewalls  don't.  As  a  parent,  if 
there  is  one  piece  of  software  you 
buy, this is it!
Keep Your Children 
Safe On The Internet
+44 (0) 870 872 8210
"One in five children age 7-10 who 
regularly use the Internet have 
received a sexual solicitation while 
online. One in four were unwillingly 
exposed to images of naked people 
or people having sex", according to 
The National Centre for Missing and 
Exploited Children.
Stop Pornography!
Stop Pornography!
Internet content filtering protects
your child as never before
Stop Paedophiles!
Unique panic button means your
child is only one step away from
Free Parent Guide!
Everything you need to know
about getting the very best of the
Internet for your child