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TDX - Quad QAM backend modules 
DVB-C in FTA or with 2 x CI slots
The TDX quad QAM backend module is an output 
module that enables you to create up to 4 mux 
combinations of services/TV programs which are 
available from the TDX pool. The services are distributed 
in a QAM data stream.
The services can be combined so that the bandwidth of 
each output mux is used in an optimal way. Both the web 
configurator and the mux bandwidth monitor function in 
the TDX service tool ensure that you don’t overload the 
bandwidth and cause problems with the transmission.
The QAM output modules can be delivered in a free-to-air 
version or with 2 CI slots for decryption.
output module for FTA or for 
decoding content/ services
NIT and stuffing
Global and local NIT support
NIT actual network & NIT other network
SDT actual transport stream & SDT other  
transport stream 
Easy set-up 
Hot swap service in TDX system.
All services will be transferred to the TDX pool.
Supports decoding via CA (492056)  
Module adds stuffing bits
Combine your QAM muxes as you want
Quad QAM backend module - FTA
Technical data: 
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Quad QAM backend module - with 2 x CI slots