Y-cam Cube HD 1080 YCWHD6 Leaflet

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Professional security 
straight out of the box
Small and sleek, the Y-cam Cube offers exceptional video quality and audio 
representation whilst blending harmoniously into its surroundings, whether 
at home or in the offi ce. Offering market-leading powerful night vision, 
enhanced by automatic IR cut fi lter operation, it provides uncompromising 
colour and picture quality, day or night.
Combining advanced H.264 technology, the Y-cam Cube uses minimal bandwidth 
and storage requirements, plus smooth video and audio streaming, in real time, 
from anywhere in the world, via any internet-enabled computer or phone.
The Y-cam Cube is compatible with PC, Mac, web browsers and a multitude 
of recording possibilities, including an on-camera microSD slot. Equipped 
with intuitive motion detection, the camera can instantly store footage and 
send email alerts, providing ultimate control and the power to protect from 
wherever you are.
See and hear exactly what the Y-cam Cube does, from anywhere, 
with the cameras built-in professional quality images and audio. 
With the highest quality optical lens, CMOS sensor, video processor 
and microphone you can experience outstanding 720p HD, 1080p 
HD or VGA video at full resolution.
High quality video and audio
Capture every moment, even in outstanding HD, directly to the 
Y-cam Cube. Have the ability to store up to 64GB of data directly on 
the camera with the built-in microSD memory card slot. No need for 
a computer, a recording device or even an internet connection, the 
Cube works entirely on its own.
Recording to microSD
Overview & features
Easy to confi gure motion windows, set through the camera user 
interface, offering total control. The intuitive system is also able to 
send email notifi cation, alerts and snapshots to any email account, 
alerting users to all detected motion, no matter where they may be.
Motion detection & alarms
Wi-Fi N provides faster and wider connectivity ensuring support for 
smooth video streaming, even at high defi nition resolutions.
Works up to Wi-Fi N
The camera makes use of the latest encryption technology including 
WEP, WPA, WPA2 for ultimate control and security.
Ultimate security encryption
The Y-cam Cube works with PC, Mac and multiple browsers, plus  
fl exible recording options including microSD and NAS recording. 
The Y-cam Cube is also compatible with Y-cam MultiLive in addition 
to a large number of 3rd party applications and recording systems.
Advanced compatibility
The latest H.264 compression technology minimises internet 
bandwidth usage and optimises storage capacity, offering as much 
as ten times the effi ciency over other cameras and saving valuable 
storage space and broadband bandwidth, especially when using HD.
H.264 compression
No need for fussy additional apps; the Y-cam Cube allows users to 
experience live high quality video, and crisp audio (iOS only), from 
where ever they are straight to any Apple iPhone or iPad, or any 
Android-based tablet or smartphone, including Kindle.
Direct iOS & Android viewing
Experience 24/7 security with automatic IR cut fi lter for 
uncompromising picture quality and instant activating 28 high 
powered infrared LED lights give crisp night time images, even in 
pitch black, for ultimate security through the day and night.
24 hour protection with infrared
Offering heightened fl exibility, the Y-cam Cube can connect to a 
simple plug-in PoE accessory allowing users to switch between Wi-Fi 
and PoE, optimising installation possibilities. Perfect for installers and 
end users that wish for a convertible and fl exible solution.
Power over Ethernet extendable
Actual size