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Recording and Importing
Start Page: Access recently used files, online
help, and educational tutorials from the
intuitive Start page.
Recording Modes: In demo mode, Captivate
automatically adds mouse movement, text
captions, and highlight boxes. Simulation
mode creates a project with scored
interactions and instructional feedback.
Project Templates: Save development time
by specifying major project characteristics,
including background, caption styles,
playback controls, and other preferences.
Audio at Capture Time: Record audio
narration and capture screen motion
Import Rich Media: Import SWF, FLA, AVI
video, and GIF animations. Imported FLA
files edited on the fly in Flash are updated
automatically in Captivate. Leverage
existing Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
or entire PowerPoint presentations as
high-quality images.
Editing and Timing
Storyboard View: Use Storyboard view
to reorder slides quickly by dragging and
dropping, or double-click any slide to edit it.
Delete slides or record and insert additional
slides anywhere, any time.
Visual Timeline: Drag and drop to control
timing of objects, captions, and audio on the
simple visual Timeline.
Audio Editing: Edit mistakes and pauses, or
add an external audio track to a presentation
with the easy-to-use audio editor. Attach
sound effects or narration to individual objects.
Customizable Captions: Customize the
appearance, size, orientation, position, and
display speed of captions, including font,
size, color, and text formatting. Select caption
styles from the extensive gallery or create
and import your own.
Project Resizing: Resize a project even after
recording is complete. Maintain the current
height/width ratio, rescale, or crop as needed.
Publishing and Delivering
Multiple Output Formats: Author a
simulation once and generate multiple file
formats—including SWF, EXE, Word, Pocket
PC, and more—for easy distribution in the
format of your choice.
Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 Export:
Export projects directly to Flash MX 2004
for further development. The export option
is integrated into Captivate and includes
playback controls.
Macromedia Breeze™ Integration: Add
interactive simulations to presentations
or live meetings. Publish directly to a
Breeze server to track and manage courses,
learners, and scoring data.
Microsoft® Word Output: Use Microsoft
Word output for storyboarding or generating
printable handouts.
Accessible Content: Generate
508-compliant content.
Password Protection: Maintain security
and control access to content.
Unicode Support: Use any font and
encoding supported by the Windows
operating system, including double-byte
character sets.
E-Learning and Interactivity
Integrating with Other e-learning
Applications: Captivate supports AICC
and Captivate content is SCORM 1.2 and
SCORM 2004 certified. Captivate
automatically generates the LMS manifest
file, making it easy to deploy simulations
through any learning management system.
Leverage additional tools by integrating
simulations with Macromedia Breeze,
Macromedia Authorware®, and the
Questionmark® Perception™ assessment tool.
Quizzing: Choose from customizable quiz
templates such as multiple choice, fill in the
blank, matching, and more. Timed quizzes
limit how much time students can spend
answering a question and quiz results can
be distributed by e-mail.
Branching: Use branching to customize
content in response to viewers’ actions. Send
viewers to a specific slide in the current
simulation or to other simulations.
Scoring: Capture scoring data from all
interactive elements, including click boxes,
text entry boxes, buttons, and quizzes.
Buttons, Click Boxes, and Text Entry
Boxes: Insert buttons, click boxes, text entry
boxes, or keyboard shortcuts to enhance the
realism of a simulation. Specify the required
action from the viewer such as a single mouse
click or specific keystroke.
Feedback: Assign captions to click boxes,
buttons, and text entry boxes to provide
feedback in response to viewers’ actions.
Rollover Images and Captions: Use effects
to offer additional information about a
particular region of the slide or provide hints
and tips during a lesson.
Create interactive simulations and software demonstrations
Macromedia® Captivate
 is the easiest way to create professional-quality,
interactive simulations and software demonstrations in Macromedia
 format. Without any programming or multimedia skills,
automatically record on-screen actions, including editable mouse
movements, text captions, and scored click boxes. Add e-learning
interactions like data entry fields and customizable quizzes. Small file
size and high resolution make Captivate content ideal for rapid
application training, user support tutorials, and online product
Key Features
Anybody can do it
Captivate enables anyone to create
interactive simulations and software
demonstrations without any programming
knowledge or multimedia skills. Get up
and running immediately using a friendly
interface and a start page with access to
timesaving tutorials.
Record easily. Capture anything displayed
on screen, even web-based applications, with
or without simultaneous audio narration.
Simply start recording and Captivate instantly
creates a complete demonstration or
interactive simulation in Flash format. Choose
from a variety of slide elements that can be
automatically generated.
Include interactivity without programming.
Automatically include scored user interactions
with instructional feedback during recording,
or point and click to add specific interactions
after capture is complete. Include quizzes,
branching, and scoring without scripting.
Publish to many formats. Deliver content
as a Flash file for online viewing, an executable
for CD distribution, or a Microsoft® Word
document for printed handouts. The 508-
compliant output provides access for people
with disabilities.
Get professional results
Develop content quickly and save time
recording, editing, and integrating using
multiple automated features. Each slide
can be edited individually, and every object
can be changed, repositioned, or resized
with simple mouse clicks.
Never re-record. Don’t fret over mistakes.
Mouse paths can easily be changed, and
every screen is a completely editable slide
that can be removed, revised, or replaced.
Even audio mistakes can be fixed quickly
with the built-in audio editor.
Minimize typing. Captivate can automatically
create editable text captions and add
highlight boxes at every step. Integrate audio
easily by recording narration during or after
capture, or by importing existing audio files.
Synchronize audio and animations by simply
dragging and dropping on the visual Timeline.
Leverage existing resources. Import
existing content in a variety of formats,
including SWF, FLA, AVI, and more.
Captivate also supports SCORM 2004,
SCORM 1.2, and AICC, making it easy to
deploy simulations through any learning
management system. In addition, Captivate
projects can be fully integrated with
Macromedia Breeze™, Macromedia
Authorware®, and the Questionmark®
Perception™ assessment tool.
Keep viewers engaged
Increase the effectiveness of simulations
and ensure audience attention by easily
adding interactivity or rich media anywhere
in a project. Multiple interactions and
objects can be inserted into a single slide,
enabling numerous choices and complex,
realistic simulations.
Include interactive exercises and tests.
Allow learners to practice actual procedures
hands-on and automatically provide
instructional feedback. Test performance
with scored mouse clicks, data entry fields
with multiple correct answer options, and
customizable quizzes. Final test scores can
be communicated to a learning management
system or sent by e-mail.
Enhance the Macromedia Breeze™
experience. Increase training effectiveness
by adding interactive simulations to Breeze
presentations or Breeze meetings. Every
participant can practice simulations during
live events or recorded presentations.
Create real-world scenarios. Show
procedures creatively with specific, real-world
scenarios using video, images, and audio.
Develop Captivate projects further in
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 using the
improved Flash Export feature.
System Requirements
600 MHz Intel® Pentium® III
processor or equivalent
Windows 2000 or Windows XP
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
100 MB available disk space
This product must be activated over the Internet or phone prior to use. Complete product system
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