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The basic license of OfficeMaster Suite is able to configure 
and start one of the following  connectors:
Connector for Microsoft Exchange
Sending and receiving faxes in Outlook
Supports Microsoft Exchange 2003 – 2013, Microsoft Small 
Business Server 2011, Microsoft Essential Server 2008
Exchange-cluster capable
No software installation required on the Exchange Server
No schema extension
User configuration data stored in Active Directory
Management of user data (globally, in groups, or 
individually) with the Exchange system administration 
console or with Active Directory users and computers
Fax, SMS and  voicemails are stored in the user mailbox-
Connector for IBM Notes/Domino
Sending and receiving faxes in Notes
Supports Domino servers 4.6 - 9.0 on the network
Domino-cluster capable
No installation on the Domino server
No changes to databases required
User administration in the person document in the 
public  address book
Conversion of all Notes RTF formats
Cover sheets in RTF or Notes format
SMTP mail  server  connector
Use of any mail client for fax and SMS
Management and storage of the user data in LDAP or in 
the  OfficeMaster user memory
Messages stored in the mailbox
Web connector
OfficeMaster Web client for fax/SMS/voicemail
Management of user data in the OfficeMaster Messaging 
Server Configuration
User data and messages stored in Microsoft SQL Server 
Functions and components
Two line licenses (B channel)
File interface
Printer interface
OfficeMaster  Suite without user  limits  (48285) addi-
tion- ally contains
PCL converter
Web interface for personal voicemail configuration
Automatic failover in case individual components should 
fail (fax & SMS transmission)
Connection of multiple OfficeMaster Suite to OfficeMaster 
Minimum system requirements
Communication interfaces
OfficeMaster Gate
OfficeMaster Gate UC and OfficeMaster SBA with unified 
messaging extension
OfficeMaster over IP 2013 (for VoIP infrastructure)
For OfficeMaster for 10 / 25 users; optional use of an active con-
troller from AVM or Dialogic
x86 / x64 processors, 1 GHz
1 GB  RAM main  memory
10 GB of free hard disk space
Operating systems
Windows Server 2003/2008  R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
Client systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8
Ferrari  electronic offers  a range of license packages to 
meet your needs:
OfficeMaster Suite 10: Fax, SMS, voicemail solution: 
License allows the alternative use of one Exchange (or 
Office 365), Notes, SMTP, or Web connector 
OfficeMaster Suite 25; fax, SMS, voicemail solution; 
license allows the alternative use of an Exchange (or 
Office 365), Notes, SMTP, or Web connector 
OfficeMaster Suite; fax, SMS, voicemail solution; license 
allows  the  alternative use of one  Exchange (or Office
365), Notes, SMTP, or Web connector for an unlimited 
number of users, two channels; includes a file inter- 
face;  supports OfficeMaster Gate, allows  failover, 
extended voice and PCL conversion
Extension connector for OfficeMaster Suite; license 
extends the basic license with one additional Exchange 
(or Office 365), Notes, SMTP, or Web connector for an 
unlimited number of users  (only in combination with 
item  no. 48285)
OfficeMaster Line (ISDN-line extension) for all versions 
of OfficeMaster
OfficeMaster User (10 user extension) for OfficeMaster 4 
(10 and  25 users)
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