Enterasys SecureStack B2G124-24 B2G124-24 User Manual

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Product Overview
The SecureStack B2 switch family delivers advanced Layer 2+ switching in a single stack with up 
to 360 Gigabit ports or 384 10/100 ports with 32 Gigabit uplinks. Reliability and availability is 
assured with support for Closed Loop Stacking, redundant uplink connections, redundant power 
options and redundant stack management. An optional policy license is available, which allows 
SecureStack B2 switches to enforce security at the network edge.
High-Performance and High-Availability Stacking
SecureStack B2 switches incorporate integrated stacking ports that support up to 20 Gbps of 
bidirectional bandwidth between any two adjacent switches for a total of 160 Gbps of stacking 
bandwidth. No additional stack module is required to stack the switches. Each switch has a 160 
Gbps switch fabric with 40 Gbps per switch dedicated to stacking. In an eight-switch stack, 
320 Gbps of switching bandwidth is dedicated to stacking. A single stack can be comprised 
of any combination of SecureStack B2 switches allowing a mixture of high-density 10/100, 
10/100/1000, and/or Power-over-Ethernet ports to be linked to the network core via copper, 
multimode fiber, and/or single-mode fiber Gigabit. Closed Loop Stacking is supported which 
assures that a single switch or cable connection failure in the stack will not impact the overall 
stack operation. Stack switch units can be added to or removed from the stack with minimal 
packet interruption. Up to eight SecureStack B2 switches can be supported in a stack with a 
single IP address for complete stack management. Redundant stack management is supported by 
assigning a primary and secondary stack manager.
Switching Services
All SecureStack B2 switches support standards-based switching. The IEEE standards for 
switching (IEEE 802.1D MAC Bridges) and IEEE 802.1t (802.1D Maintenance), as well as 
Multiple Spanning Trees (IEEE 802.1s) and Rapid Reconvergence (IEEE 802.1w), are fully 
supported. All switches support up to 16,000 addresses and have eight hardware queues per port. 
Ethernet Flow Control (IEEE 802.3x) as well as standards-based Link Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad) 
are fully supported in every switch model. In addition, all switches support Jumbo Frames (frames 
up to 9,216 bytes) and IGMP Snooping v1 and v2. 
High- density, high-availability 
stackable 10/100 or 
10/100/1000 switching
Option to deliver Secure 
 to the stackable edge
Extensive QoS support for 
VoIP and real-time broadcast/
Power-over-Ethernet available
Lifetime warranty 
There is nothing more important 
than our customers.
SecureStack B2 Switch Family
Policy capable L2 switching with high-availability stacking
Minimal Operator Intervention
•  Patented Secure Networks command
and control functions enable you to
apply up to 768 policy rules to create a
self-managed network
•  Auto-discovery of network attached
devices (LLDP/LLDP-MED) enable you
to create new policy, configuration,
location and management applications
•  NetSight management console makes
it easy to deploy policy changes in
large networks
Predictable Quality of Service
•  Extensive controls for managing QoS
by Layer 2,3 and 4 traffic, bandwidth,
rate limits, user profile or application
•  High availability through Loop Protect,
redundant power supplies, automatic
link failover and closed loop stacking
Support and Service
•  The Enterasys service and support
staff is an industry best with a 95%
customer satisfaction rating and an
average tenure of 10 years