Code Corporation CR1400 CR1411-C74-C514 Leaflet

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Features & Benefits 
Operates hands-free or handheld
Manual or automatic triggering
User feedback with programmable LED, audible  
  tone and vibrating good read indicators
Optional Universal Stand
 Compatible with Code’s CortexTools
configuration utility 
Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
Uses Code’s rapid disconnect Affinity
Efficient power consumption
Available in light and dark gray
Healthcare, mobile coupon and 
ticketing (event, airline, cinema, 
etc), pharmacy, patrol vehicles, 
retail, and manufacturing
Features at a glance
One of the smallest, most durable barcode readers  
on the market.
A lightweight that works in a heavyweight class, this reader proves its worth day  
in and day out. Its dual field optical platform allows the CR1400 to read wide 
and very small barcodes with an approximate 100 mm focal point. Intuitive  
targeting makes for quick, reliable and affordable reading of 1D, 2D and Postal 
barcodes. Glare reduction technology promotes quick reads from bottles,  
pre-packaged food products and other shiny surfaces. No longer must coupons on 
mobile phones slow down the checkout process. Reading barcodes on syringes, IV 
bags or items with extra plastic wrapping is never a problem.
There’s nothing like having a reliable partner  
on the job.
From healthcare to retail to other high-use environments, a disinfectant-ready 
plastic housing and IP54 rating protects the performance and life of the reader 
against harsh cleaning agents, dust and water ingress—even multiple drops. 
If you’re working in unpredictable environments, need to streamline workflow 
process or reduce data entry errors, the CR1400 makes a valuable addition to 
your lineup.
Optional Universal Stand