eyevis EYE-LCD-4200-24NB-IPD Leaflet

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eyevis LCD Serie
with embedded IP Video Decoder
Detail Expansion
Optimised display of very small details. Particularly in dark areas, 
even smallest details - not visible on conventional displays - can be 
displayed generating an extremely brilliant and high-contrast image.
Optimised Cooling Concept
The intelligent cooling system has an open loop and a closed loop.  
making it very energy efficient, maintenance-free and reduces the 
cost of ownership. Furthermore, a special sealing method avoids dust 
accumulation inside the display. 
Dynamic Contrast Control
Innovative technique for incessant correction of the backlight 
brightness and contrast of the TFT cells, resulting in a natural, very 
high-contrast image and reduced power consumption.
Intelligent Noise Reduction
Intelligent algorithms suppress the „noise“ typical for analog signals, 
while optimising image performance.
Dynamic Pixel Refreshing
A special system driving the TFT cells avoids image sticking and 
increases display lifetime considerably.
Pixel Shifting
Continuous shifting of the entire image in different directions prevents 
image sticking. At normal viewing distance, this is almost not visible. 
If required by the application, the shifting area can be adjusted 
Soft Picture Mode
An intelligent scaling mechanism smoothes out extreme contrast 
transitions. This process avoids the so called boundary line image 
sticking, which occurs at „sharp“ transitions (e.g. black to white). If 
required, the degree of „softening“ can be adjusted manually.
Temperature Control System
Active temperature control, monitors the heat level and controls the 
With the new LCD monitors type EYE-LCD-4200-24NB-IPD, eyevis 
provides monitor with ebedded IP decoding solution. The deocder 
solution is based on eyevis' IP decoder unit for netpix graphics 
controllers. The display has a screen diagonal of 42" and offers 
best image quality, high resolution, narrow bezels and unique 
operability in 24/7 applications*.
Thanks to the narrow bezel the displays are a first choice for modular 
video wall applications. The gap between the image contents of 
adjacent screens measures only 30 mm.
eyevis implemented numerous optimised features to prevent so 
called "Image Sticking" effects which are likely to occur on other LCD 
monitors, especially when static content is displayed over prolonged 
*) when observing required terms and condition of operation
The setup and configuration of each EYE-LCD-4200-NB24-IPD and 
channels can be easily done with the eyecon software. All settings are 
performed by drag&drop without editing files etc. Changes during 
transmissions are also possible inside the setup configuration side. 
Support of thousands of cameras 
Dynamic virtual switching of each camera to a decoder channel
Fast switching between cameras, also independent from codec 
Dynamic use of available decoders or static mode 
Overview of all camera/encoder sources in a customizable list
Support for additional comments for each camera
API for easy integration and support of many different video 
management software solutions
Universal decoding solution for multiple codec formats and for 
systems from different camera / encoder manufacturers.
Reduces costs for equipment, setup, and maintenance
Expandable Hardware, i.e. multiple displays can be used in a 
combined video wall configuration of any size. Control over the 
individual displays in a video wall is granted with the eyecon wall 
management software.
Fully digital solution with HD image quality
Very flexible (upgradable for future requirements) and expandable
Support for H.264 decoding with 25/30 frames/s on all decoder 
channels simultaneously
Decodes resolutions from CIF, D1, MegaPixel up to HD
Support for individual codecs and special customized integrations