Dialogic Diva Server 4BRI-8M Card 305-486 Leaflet

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Support Best-of-Breed Applications 
The support of standardized software interfaces, such as CAPI 2.0 or TAPI enable the 
Diva Server 4BRI to be used with industry-leading software packages, enabling the network
administrator to build a communication server that best suits their needs.
Free Software Development Kit 
The Diva Server SDK makes it easy for software vendors to develop their own communication
application for the Diva Server 4BRI.
Multiple Diva Server 4BRI adapters can be mixed and matched in one system in combination
with any Diva Server adapter to meet an organization’s increasing communication needs.
High Performance
On-board CPU and digital signal processors (DSPs) remove performance bottlenecks, as they
perform key real-time tasks that would ordinarily cause an excessive burden on the host server.
Fax and Unified Messaging 
The Diva Server 4BRI supports third party software applications giving complete support for
Group 3 fax, voice mail and email messages. Features include DTMF, ECM, MR, MMR, MH and
33.6 kbps Fax. V.42bis compression and V42 error-correction ensure fast and reliable
transmissions for modems and fax.
CTI Server
With support of CAPI and TAPI the Diva Server 4BRI fully features any CTI server application.
A full pro-vision of supplementary services, such as call forwarding and explicit call transfer
makes the Diva Server BRI an ideal solution for third party Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
and Contact Center applications.
Voice over IP (VoIP) 
The Diva Server 4BRI supports third party software giving complete support for VoIP Soft-PBXs.
High performance is guaranteed with support for echo cancellation (G.168) and voice
compression in the DSP of the adapter.
Easy to Install 
The ease of installation is guaranteed as the Diva Server 4BRI conforms to Intel and Microsoft
Plug and Play standards, eliminating the need to manually configure the server.
Ready to use worldwide 
With support for all the multinational ISDN protocols, the Diva Server 4BRI is ready for use
virtually anywhere in the world.
Today's network administrators face the challenge of
streamlining their network administration without
sacrificing performance. They need a flexible solution
that allows one server to manage all the fax, messaging
and remote access needs of their organization. 
The Diva Server 4BRI answers all these needs perfectly.
This active PCI adapter supports four ISDN Basic Rate
Interfaces (BRI), enabling one server to support up to eight
concurrent communications with a mix of ISDN devices,
V.90 analog modems, GSM mobile phones and fax
machines, making it an excellent choice for 
medium-sized businesses. It is based on open systems
architecture so that industry-leading Fax, 
Unified Messaging, Computer Telephony Integration
(CTI) and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications
integrate easily. All email, voicemail and fax
can be managed on a single server.
Upgrading Diva Server 4BRI with new
enhancements is easy as free software
upgrades are available via the web. 
The flexibility of the Diva Server 4BRI
provides network administrators with a
simple, cost-effective, and powerful open
communications solution.
The Ultimate Fax, Voice 
and Data Platform
Server 4BRI