Intel E7-8891 v2 CM8063601377422 User Manual

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Processor E7-2800/4800/8800 v2 Product Family
Datasheet Volume Two: Functional Description, February 2014
iMC Functional Description
Execution of a single refresh is tRFC, and it takes 110 – 350 ns according to 
DDR3 density.
iMC is equipped with CLTT temperature monitor and be able to issue auto refresh at the 
2x rate (3.9 us).
Refresh Priorities
There are 3 levels of refresh priorities
1. Opportunistic
2. High-priority
3. Panic
The opportunistic refresh is executed when the scheduler thinks that it can issue it 
without a significant penalty. High-priority is used when a backlog of refresh requests 
has accumulated. At this point the refresh has higher priority than any other 
transaction except for transactions. Panic is when refresh must be executed. Panic-
refresh is in higher priority than transactions.
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