ShoreTel IP212k 10199 User Manual

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ShoreTel is the only UC provider to offer a choice of communication 
solutions and endpoints that optimizes how users communicate in the work 
environment for maximum productivity by providing the best possible user 
experience. Whether a customer communicates with desk phones, smart 
phones, tablets, laptops or PCs, ShoreTel enables them to choose the 
device best suited to their needs. Each phone is preconfigured for quick and 
easy installation with the ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) system and 
offers all the advanced features, high performance and quality required in 
today’s constantly connected workplace.
Building on the ShoreTel line of brilliantly simple IP phones, the ShoreTel 
400 Series IP phones incorporate the latest user feedback resulting in new 
functionality and optimal usability.
•  Visual voice mail simplifies voice mail management for professionals, 
contact center agents and executives
•  Enhanced form factor that incorporates the latest user feedback
•  More soft keys and line / call appearances for increased functionality and 
more speed dials or other programmable features 
•  On-phone diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and shorter time to 
The ShoreTel 400 Series IP phones offer greater flexibility by supporting 
both premises deployments, and ShoreTel Sky services in early CY 2014.
Available in a wide range 
of models enabling users 
to choose the device best 
suited to their needs
Quick and intuitive access 
to the ShoreTel feature-rich 
communication capabilities
Ergonomic design 
optimized for comfort, 
sound and usability
Plug-and-play simplicity 
lowers management 
resource needs
ShoreTel IP Phones
Simplifying communicationS for the way people work today 
Solution Brief
elegant ergonomic design 
Since communications are a key aspect 
of business activity, a phone should 
feel comfortable and be easy to use. 
The ShoreTel attention to design detail 
delivers a precision-balanced, contoured 
handset which can rest comfortably 
against the ear, thereby maximizing 
productivity while minimizing user fatigue 
and shoulder and neck pain.
The desk phone itself has a gentle 
concave sweep, which positions the 
keypad horizontally for ease of dialing 
while keeping the display at the optimum 
angle for visibility. The control face on all 
ShoreTel phones make it easy for users to 
manage communication tasks, including 
call transfer, conferencing and call parking.