Meru Networks AP832I User Manual

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The AP832 is the industry’s first 802.11ac access 
point capable of supporting two concurrent  
5 GHz 3x3:3ss radios, designed for high-density 
deployments in large offices, schools, universities, 
hospitals, hotels, and large retail stores. The AP832 
supports an aggregate 2.6 Gbps data rate for the 
most demanding business applications like video 
and voice. 
The AP832 access point allows administrators 
to prioritize applications to improve the user 
experience with Meru’s unique Context Aware 
Layers technology. For schools, this means 
Learning Management System applications can 
be assigned to one dedicated channel layer, while 
online classroom video feeds can be dedicated 
to another channel layer. For healthcare, life-
critical applications such as patient monitoring 
can be dynamically assigned to one channel layer, 
doctor and nursing applications can be assigned 
to a second layer, and patient applications can be 
placed on a third channel layer. 
The AP832 also provides unique roaming support 
because Meru enables the network (not the 
client) to control roams via our Air Traffic Control
technology, resulting in the industry’s lowest 
roaming latency figures–a true zero-handoff.  
Additionally, Meru’s single-channel technology 
allows the AP832 to leverage the 802.11ac design 
for pervasive deployment of 80 MHz channels in 
real-world deployments, which effectively doubles 
the available data rate and dramatically increases 
throughput availability for Meru customers.
Like other Meru access points, the AP832 integrates 
seamlessly with our E(z)RF
 network management 
system, Identity Manager, and other application 
solutions to bring intelligent management and 
resilient wireless services to your network. 
Dual-radio, Three-stream 802.11ac Wireless Access Point
High-performance wireless connectivity for high-density environments
•  Supports IEEE 802.11ac-with dual radios and three 
spatial streams
•  Supports multiple wireless deployment options 
•  Support for multiple operating modes: centralized, 
distributed, mesh, bridged, and VPN tunnel modes
•  Integration with Meru controllers and 
management software applications
•  Supports either internal or external antennas
•  Provides an optimized 802.11ac experience in 
the industry with Very High Throughput (VHT)
•  No channel planning, and delivers seamless 
•  Offers flexible deployment options for diverse 
customer requirements
•  Offers full management and security assurances   
•  Provides a choice of two models to suit your needs