Dialogic DIVA Server V-4BRI-8 306-218 Leaflet

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Onboard CPU and digital signal processors (DSPs)
Removes performance bottlenecks by performing key 
real-time tasks that would ordinarily place an excessive
burden on the host server
Voice packetization into real-time transport protocol (RTP), 
Integrates established voice, speech, and conferencing
voice compression (G.726 and GSM), adaptive jitter buffer, 
applications with VoIP clients and IP phones
and comfort noise generation
Full-duplex voice channels
Allows use of barge-in to improve user experience and
utilize system resources more efficiently
Enhanced echo cancellation and voice activity detection (VAD)
Improves speech recognition accuracy and better utilizes
host platform resources 
Voice handled either in PSTN standard or compressed coding
Adapts to any kind of telephony system
Supports line interconnection and conferencing on a single 
Enhances switching and conferencing
board or across multiple boards in a server and automatic 
gain control (AGC) 
Standard software interfaces such as CAPI 2.0 and TAPI
Supports industry-leading software packages, allowing
network administrators to build a communications server
that best suits their organization’s needs
Up to eight Dialogic
boards can operate concurrently
Easy scalability to meet an organization’s increasing 
in a single server
communications needs
Conforms to plug-and-play standards
Extremely easy installation and operation
The Dialogic
V-4BRI board enables voice, speech, and
conferencing applications. Based on the latest PCI standards, the
Dialogic Diva V-4BRI board provides connectivity to the telephony
network via four ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) interfaces. Powerful digital
signal processors (DSPs) — one dedicated to each communication
channel — ensure real-time voice processing that reduces system
latency and improves overall system performance. 
An open and well documented application programming interface
(API), combined with support for a broad range of operating systems, facilitates development of leading-edge voice-based
business applications. The Dialogic Diva V-4BRI board is also ideal for taking advantage of the latest advances in speech
recognition technologies and the ubiquity of mobile phones to create exciting new speech solutions.
Product Brief
V-4BRI Board
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