Sony FWD-55X8600P User Manual

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Professional LED TV
Professional 4K  
4K Next generation picture quality 
Bring the incredible depth and quality of 4K resolution to your business 
with our BRAVIA Professional 4K LED TV, now available in 85”, 65” and 
55” screen sizes.
Professional design 
The FWD-55X8600P, FWD-65X8600P and FWD-85X9600P offer all the technological 
performance and style you’d expect from BRAVIA. The 4K LCD panel produces four 
times the pixels of Full HD for outstanding picture quality, while the ultra-slim design 
enhances any corporate or retail environment.
Simple, flexible 
Standard mountings for installation plus straightforward operation and controls mean 
that a BRAVIA Professional 4K LED TV integrates easily into any environment. Customise 
and store preferred settings with Hotel Mode, and copy them from display to display 
via USB memory. 
Optimal controls and signage creation 
Each display includes USB playback, IP control, RS232C control (with optional 
accessory CBX-H11/1), Hotel Mode and web-friendly HTML5 for easy digital  
signage creation.
Fantastic 16:9 4K resolution 
(3840 x 2160 pixels)
The FWD-55X8600P, FWD-
65X8600P and FWD-85X9600P 
produce over 8 megapixels. 
That’s four times the resolution 
of Full HD, for a level of realism 
audiences will almost want to 
reach out and touch.
55”, 65” and 85” 
rofessional 4K LED TV 
Key Feature
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1080 pixels
2160 pixels
3840 pixels
1920 pixels