Sony 1GB Memory Stick Micro MSA1GW-JUKEBOX Leaflet

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Press Release 
Enjoy  music on the move with Sony’s  
Memory Stick Micro album download promotion 
Buy a Memory Stick Micro 1GB and download your favourite album for free! 
Sony Europe’s Recording Media & Energy (RME) division today announced a special music 
download promotion with its Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards to further support the adoption 
of the new, ultra-small flash cards and encourage customers to use their mobile phones as 
an entertainment device, bringing back the charming use of the Jukebox in a modern and 
fashionable device. 
Thanks to Sony M2, you are able to store up to a 1000 songs and transform your Sony 
Ericsson mobile into a revamped Jukebox! To celebrate the changes in the way we listen to 
music, Sony is offering a free album download to consumers buying a 1GB Memory Stick 
Micro. With a  great range of music available, from classical and jazz to POP and Rock, 
there is something for everyone.