Xi3 Corporation Nuc Elli 910-9802-000 Leaflet

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NUC Solutions from Xi3
Step into the future with the next 
generation of computing from Xi3 
and Intel. Call 801-478-3800, email 
sales@Xi3.com, or order online at 
Full-Size Computing
in a Pint-Size Package
The new Xi3 NUC Elli, coupled 
with the latest 4
 generation Intel 
Core™ i3 processor, packs even 
more power features into the 
slimmest form factor available. 
Take a closer look and you’ll see 
this fully scalable solution truly 
does offer smarter computing for 
smaller spaces. 
Completely Customizable
Unlike unfinished NUC kits avail-
able elsewhere, every NUC you 
order from Xi3 (an award-winning 
pioneer in the field of small form 
factor computing) comes com-
plete with your choice of SSD 
storage, RAM, operating system 
and optional Wi-Fi.
Feature-Rich Flexibility
In spite of its stunningly small size, 
the Xi3 NUC Elli is packed with 
surprisingly robust features includ-
ing lightning-fast storage & 
memory, four USB 3.0 ports, an 
infrared sensor, a headphone/mi-
crophone jack, Mini HDMI* and 
Mini DisplayPort* video interfaces 
and expansion sockets for easy 
upgradability, ensuring you’ll enjoy 
an extended useful life from your 
Xi3 NUC Elli.
Powering the Impossible
With so many features in such a 
small package, you’ll rethink what’s 
possible with the Xi3 NUC Elli. Need 
to embed the Elli in an extremely 
small enclosure? Looking to drive a 
better digital signage experience? 
Want to deploy full desktop function-
ality with thin-client economy? The 
Xi3 NUC Elli enables you to do things 
other size-constrained computers 
simply can’t.
Visibly Smart Graphics
Equipped with Intel HD Graphics 
4400, the Xi3 NUC Elli renders 
razor-sharp text and stunningly 
smooth graphics for better web 
browsing, prettier presentations, 
ultra-vivid video playback and power-
ful gaming performance.
Superior Speed & Security
Intel’s 4
 generation Core i3 proces-
sor provides ultra-responsive perfor-
mance in a highly secure platform. 
You’ll be up and running in a matter 
of seconds with Intel Rapid Start 
 and you’ll always be up 
to date with Intel Smart Connect 
. For added peace of 
mind, embedded security helps keep 
threats out and user identities safe.
Order Your Integrated 
Highlighted features
•  Processor: Intel Core i3-4010U 
•  OS: Optional Windows 7, Windows   
    8, openSUSE, or Ubuntu
•  SSD Storage: Optional 80GB,     
    120GB or 180GB
•  RAM: Optional 4GB or 8GB  
•  Two SO-DIMM sockets for memory  
    upgrades to 16GB 
•  Dual PCIe* mini card connectors for  
    wireless & SSD support
•  One Mini DisplayPort (DP 1.2), one  
    Mini HDMI port (HDMI 1.4a) 
•  Dual front panel USB 3.0 ports 
•  Dual rear-panel USB 3.0 ports 
•  Intel Gigabit LAN 
•  19V, 65W DC power connector 
•  Consumer infrared sensor 
•  Headphone/microphone jack