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5848v Zero Client 
for VMware
Low Maintenance, High Performance & Future-proof Design
Part Number: 5848v
The 5848v comes with 10ZiG's FREE management utility, quickly and easily enabling the ability to trouble-
shoot, apply updates, clone and deploy configurations, thus cutting out the need for additional IT administra-
tion, lowering the total cost of ownership.
By choosing a 10ZiG Zero Client, you can be sure that the end-users will receive a seamless end-user 
experience, multiple monitor support, HD Audio and Video.
► Certified WMware Ready w/ PCoIP 
► FREE Centralized Management
► No Virus/Spyware Exposure
► VESA Mounting Capability
► Rich Multi-Media Experience
► Optional Wireless Support
Our 5848v Zero Client is designed to deliver secure, uncompromised performance in a VMware Horizon
environment while all but eliminating maintenance at the desktop level. This unit offers fast boot-up speeds, 
quality graphical support and still only consumes 12 watts of power.
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