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6800 Series 
Thin Clients for VDI
Enterprise Class
The 6800 Series is 10ZiG's next generation Thin Client. This Series has all the features of a traditional PC, 
incorporating a future proof hardware design while still maintaining high energy efficiency, resulting in the 
ability to expand the use cases for this Series all while maintaining an overall reduction in power. 
Part Number: 6872v, 6817v, 6818v
The 6800 Series has been designed for businesses of all types and sizes. These Thin Clients have dual DVI vid-
eo ports, optional legacy ports and a PCIe expansion slot which gives you the ability to add additional connec-
tion or video ports to the unit as your needs evolve. This series uses the AMD Embedded G-Series Dual Core 
Processor to achieve a high performance workstation. 
► Supports High End Graphics
► AMD Radeon HD GPU
► Dual/Quad Monitor Capabilities
► Internal Wireless (Optional)
► FREE Centralized Management
► Embedded Lockdown Manager (WE8)
► Legacy Serial/Parallel Ports Available
► Support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
Desktop Virtualization Made Simple
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