Aeon Labs Minimote Black MREM_B Leaflet

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Z-Wave Minimote Black
Product Data
Manufacturer: Aeotec
Order Number: AEO_MREM_B
ZEanCode: 1220000010161
Price (€): 59.00
Device Weight (kg): 28
Net Weight (kg): 65
Dimensions (WxHxL) mm: 100x34x11
Basic Device Type: Actor / Router
Basic Device Function: BinarySwitch
Association Groups: 4
Configuration Parameter: 8
Inclusion Options: Standard
The Aeon Labs mini remote control can control a variety of Z-Wave compatible devices such as switches,
dimmers, window blinds and motion sensors.  The device can include and exclude devices, group them and set
and release associations. The mini remote only offers four control buttons for scene selection. Behind a slider
there are four more buttons for Z-Wave network control. A non-replaceable but rechargeable battery powers the
remote control. Recharging is done on a conventional USB bus using the charging cable provided.