Bosch LTC 9210/01 User Manual

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Video | LTC 9210/01, LTC 9215/00 (S), LTC 9219/01, and LTC 9223/01 Indoor/Outdoor Mounts
LTC 9210/01, LTC 9215/00 (S),
LTC 9219/01, and LTC 9223/01 Indoor/
Outdoor Mounts
Feed-through Design for Cable Management
Maximum Load: 9 kg (20 lb)
360° Rotation, 180° Tilt
Versatile Design
Adjustable Mount Heads
The LTC 9210/01, LTC 9215/00, LTC 9215/00S,
LTC 9219/01 and the LTC 9223/01 feed-through
mounts are indoor/outdoor mounting units designed
for fixed camera, or camera housing installations with
up to a 9 kg (20 lb) rated load. These models are made
of lightweight aluminum and feature welded
construction, providing an extremely rigid camera
mount. In addition, the versatile swivel head rotates
360° and tilts 180° for maximum flexibility. The tubular
feed-through design provides cable management from
mounting head to mounting surface.
These mounts are compatible with the UHI Indoor
Housing series and the UHO Outdoor Housing series.
The LTC 9215/00S, has been designed specifically for
the LTC 9480 Series housings, while the larger
LTC 9215/00 and LTC 9219/01 can be used with the
LTC 9480, HSG 9483, and the LTC 9488 Series camera
housings. All mounts come fully assembled.
Installation/Configuration Notes
LTC 9210/01 and LTC 9223/01Column Mount