Dynamode 4 Port Broadband Router for DSL/Cable BR-6004 Leaflet

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The Dynamode 4 Port Broadband Router for DSL/ Cable is an incredibly fast router 
that has a 20 Mbps LAN to WAN throughput. The BR-6004 is a cost-effective IP 
Sharing Router that enables multiple users to share the Internet  through an ADSL or 
cable modem. Simply plug your PC to the BR-6004 LAN port and you're ready to share 
files and access the Internet. As your network grows, each LAN port supports Auto 
MDIX that will automatically connect the broadband router to another hub or switch, 
allowing you to easily expand your network. The BR-6004 provides a total solution for 
the Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) and  the Small Office/Home Office 
(SOHO) markets, giving you an instant  network today, and the flexibility to handle 
tomorrow's expansion and speed.
Dynamode 4 Port Broadband Router for DSL/ Cable
High throughput Internet Access Router
Internet Access via Cable or xDSL 
Access Private LAN Servers from the Public Network
Supports up to 253 users