Velcro tape sew-on Hook pad (L x W) 25 m x 100 mm Black Velcro 25 m E00110033011425 Data Sheet

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IDT-605: Fichas técnicas de producto
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Construction characteristiques
Basic construction 
Base material 
Standard binder backing 
  Synthetic resin 
Width  :      50 mm      
                   50 mm 
                 100 mm 
  Nominal  ± 1   mm 
  Nominal  ± 1.5 mm 
  Nominal  ± 2    mm 
Overall thickness 
  2.35 ± 0.25  mm 
  300 g/m² ± 10 %     
Usage characterístiques
Peel Strength with Hook std * 
  Average    2.0  N/cm 
  Minimum  1.3  N/cm 
Shear Strength with Hook std * 
  Average   10.3  N/cm² 
  Minimum   7.3  N/cm² 
Cycle life * 
  50 % loss after  10000 cycles 
Breaking Strength *      
  Minimum  210  N/cm  
Shrinkage after washing  ( 3 x 60°C ) * 
  Maximum  4 %         
Colourfastness to washing  UNE-EN ISO 105-C10 
  4  minimum 
Colourfastness to dry cleaning  ISO 105 sec/DO1 
  4  minimum  
Colourfastness to rubbing  ISO 105 sec/X12 
Colourfastness to water  ISO 105 sec/EO1 
Colourfastness to sea water  ISO 105 sec/EO2 
Colourfastness to light ISO 105 sec/BO2 
  4  minimum 
  4  minimum 
  4  minimum 
  5  minimum  (dark colours) 
  4  minimum  (white and light colours) 
  3  minimum  (fluor colours) 
Colourfastness to perspiration  ISO 105 sec/EO4 
  4  minimum 
     * Internal norm of VESA 
The information included in this Technical Sheet is based on reliable tests and trials. Average value as a reference only, not a nominal specification. Given the 
diversity of  uses of our products we advise our customers to assure themselves that the product  meets the requirements of their application. The responsibility  
for  the application and use of  the product remains with the customer. 
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