Check Point Software Technologies SafeOffice 500 ADSL (Annex A) (25 concurrent users) CPSB-500G-25-AD-A User Manual

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Safe@Office 500
variety of authentication standards including the latest WPA2. 
Safe@Office also supports IPSec VPN technology to encrypt 
wireless communication, preventing data from being viewed 
or corrupted during transmission. In addition, you can easily 
set up wireless hot-spots for your guests and control access 
with a customizable Web-based access portal and user 
Wireless Roaming
By using the Wireless Distribution System (WDS) capability, 
you can extend your network even further by interconnecting 
two or more Safe@Office appliances. This allows wireless 
clients (e.g. laptops, PDAs) to connect seamlessly to your 
wireless network, without the need to change your IP 
Secure Integrated Connectivity
Safe@Office 500/500W ADSL appliances have an integrated 
ADSL2/2+ modem. Supporting download speeds of up to 
24Mbps, these appliances provide a complete connectivity 
and security solution for small businesses, eliminating the 
need for an external ADSL modem.
Keeping your network up and running 24x7 is critical.
Safe@Office appliances include high-availability, connectivity 
redundancy and Quality of Service (QoS) features in-order 
to minimize down-time. Safe@Office appliances allow 
WAN redundancy and load balancing to ensure persistent 
connectivity and service availability. Out-of-bound dial-in is 
also supported, allowing access to the appliance even if the 
Internet connection fails. 
Automatic failover across multiple appliances (high-availability) 
guarantees around-the-clock availability. A wide variety of 3G 
cellular modems, dialup backup, PSTN and ISDN modems 
are also supported, to be used as either the primary or 
secondary Internet connection.
The Safe@Office appliance’s simple Web-based 
management interface enables you to secure your business 
in minutes. You can use the setup wizard to select one of 
three preset firewall policies (high, medium or low), or create 
your own custom security policy. Security rules are as flexible 
as your business needs dictate and can be modified at any 
time through a variety of remote management options.
Intuitive Security and Network Monitoring
The Safe@Office appliance logs information on attempted 
attacks and displays it in an easy-to-follow, color-coded 
report. This enables you to see the IP address from which an 
Safe@Office is based on Embedded NGX™ with Application Intelligence technology, which incorporates 
Check Point’s market-leading Firewall-1
 and VPN-1
 software, optimized for embedded platforms.
Embedded NGX™ is developed by SofaWare Technologies, a Check Point company. 
Extensive Networking and Traffic Management Capabilities
More than just a security appliance, Safe@Office is a full-
fledged network router that includes a four port LAN switch, 
a dedicated DMZ and a WAN port (Ethernet or ADSL). Static 
and dynamic routing options are available for complete 
interoperability with even the most complex networks. Safe@
Office supports QoS capabilities and can act as a transparent 
Up-to-date Security – without any Hassle
For effective protection against new and evolving threats, 
your network’s security must be kept up to date. Optional 
subscription based services allow you to automatically 
receive software and antivirus updates, along with web-
filtering services, periodic security reports (providing 
in-depth information on traffic, firewall activity, antivirus 
activity and more) and dynamic DNS services. Subscription 
based services are provided by Check Point or by its Small-
Business MSSP Partners.
attack originated. A “Who Is” utility allows you to identify an 
IP address’ owner, giving you Internet “caller ID” capability. 
Safe@Office also provides built-in traffic monitoring and 
packet capture tools that allow you to monitor and control 
incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure efficient utilization of 
your broadband connection.
Hardware Specifications
Physical Dimensions 
(W x H x D)
Safe@Office 500/ Safe@Office 500 
ADSL/ Safe@Office 500W ADSL: 200 x 
33 x 122 mm
Safe@Office 500W: 200 x 33 x 130 mm
-5ºC ~ 80º C (Storage/Transport),
0ºC ~ 40ºC (Operation)
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Part 15 Class B, CE
Environmental Standards
One Year Hardware