Vandamme 268-545-000 Speaker Cable, , Black PVC Sheath 268-545-000 Data Sheet

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Black Series Tour Grade speaker cable
• Matt black jacket for on stage use
• 4mm multicores for high power & line array
• 18 core multicores suitable for lighting use
Application notes
• Wide range of conductor counts & sizes
• Reduced OD 2 x 2.5mm will fit XLR
connectors and mono jacks
• Multicore construction optimised for dynamic
• Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic
Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker
Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size
and core count to accommodate almost all
potential speaker signals. From 2 core 1.5mm
through 8 core 4mm to 18 core 2.5mm the
ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge
PVC compounds and dynamic use focused
construction provide accurate signal
transmission, toughness and flexibility.