Sony RealShot Manager V4 (16 cameras) IMZ-RS416M User Manual

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Playback While Recording
Recording and playback can be performed simultaneously
with the IMZ-RS400 Series. Not only can previously recorded
images be viewed, but images that are currently being
recorded can also be viewed while recording. 
Simultaneous Playback
With the IMZ-RS400 Series, users can simultaneously play
back recorded images from multiple cameras, providing
quick and efficient operation. For example, a group of 
cameras covering a specific area can be played back simul-
taneously to see events from different views, or adjacent
cameras can be played back to see the path of moving 
person or vehicle.
AVI File Support
With the IMZ-RS400 Series, users can generate an
exportable file with embedded data that includes the camera
name and date-time stamps. These files can then be 
exported in the standard AVI file format for easy exchange
with other applications. 
User Privileges
With the IMZ-RS400 Series, sophisticated security functions
are incorporated in the software to help manage multiple 
users. The administrator can define user groups, add users, set 
privileges per user/group, and set up user access to specific
camera groups. 
Application Programming Interface (API)
An API for application developers or system integrators is
offered with the IMZ-RS400 Series, allowing the software to be
integrated with other application programs or systems such as
GUI design software, POS (Point of Sale), access control , and
alarm systems.
Flexible Playback
Control PC software for 1 networked video source
Control PC software for up to 4 networked video sources
Control PC software for up to 9 networked video sources
Control PC software for up to 16 networked video sources
Control PC software for up to 32 networked video sources
IMZ-RS400 Series Software Packages
RSM File Player 
Software module for image playback only
Optional Software Modules
Other Features