Edimax ES-3305P User Manual

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ES-3305P V2 / ES-3308P V2 
Quick Installation Guide
09-2013 / v1.0 

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    ES-3305P V2 / ES-3308P V2 Quick Installation Guide 09-2013 / v1.0 1

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    COPYRIGHT Copyright  Edimax Technology Co., Ltd. all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted,...

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    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Model: ES-3305P V2: 5 Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch ES-3308P V2: 8 Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch...

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    Back Panel 5 Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch RJ-45 Ports 1 - 5 5V DC Power Port 8 Port...

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    The UTP network cables must comply with EIA/TIA 568 specifications and Category 5 standard for data transmission. The maximum length...

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    TROUBLESHOOTING 1. Power LED is not lit Check if the power cord is properly connected to the external power...

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    Declaration of Conformity We, Edimax Technology Co., LTD., declare under our sole responsibility, that the equipment described below complies...

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