Buffalo LinkStation 441D 12TB LS441D1204-EU Data Sheet

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Click the array to delete. If the "RAID Mode" is blank, the array is already in JBOD. Proceed to step 7.
Click Delete RAID Array.
Note: If RAID array deletion fails, restart the LinkStation and try again.
The "Confirm Operation" screen will open. Enter the confirmation number, then click OK.
Click OK.
Choose a RAID array.
Select a RAID mode and the drives to be used, then click Create RAID Array.
Note: Normally, after a RAID array is created, it is "resynced", which optimizes the array, making it more stable. 
The resyncing process takes about 1 hour per terabyte of space in the array. File transfers will be slower during 
this period, but the array will remain fully usable. "RAID Array x Resycncing" will be shown in NAS Navigator2 
during the resync. If you uncheck "Resync after creating the RAID array", the resync will be skipped. If the 
LinkStation is rebooted during the resyncing process, the resync will begin again from the beginning.
Step through the wizard to create the array.
After changing the RAID mode, create a shared folder.
RMM (RAID Mode Manager)
With RMM, you can create or expand a RAID array without erasing the data on the drives.
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