Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Standard, Upgrade package from CS 3 Std, Mac, PL CSDS33PLMUPSL Data Sheet

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Work more productively
Take advantage of a wide range of 
improvements designed to boost your 
productivity. Experience native performance 
on Intel® based and PowerPC® Macs and on 
Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista™ 
systems. Maximize your workspace with a 
streamlined interface, process raw images 
with increased speed and quality, and manage 
assets more efficiently in the revamped Adobe 
Bridge CS3. And enjoy complete compatibility 
with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom™ software 
(sold separately), so the changes you make to 
an image in one product will automatically 
appear in the other.
Edit with unrivaled power
The comprehensive image-editing toolset in 
Photoshop CS3 lets you correct and enhance 
your images with unmatched creative control. 
Experiment more freely with nondestructive 
filters. Manage and correct color more easily, 
and convert color images to rich black-and-
white with one click. Retouch images with 
more powerful cloning and healing tools. And 
count on higher fidelity conversion when you 
merge a series of exposures into a 32-bit high 
dynamic range (HDR) image.
Composite with breakthrough tools
Photoshop CS3 offers a wealth of features  
that make compositing multiple images easier 
than ever before. Create more accurate 
composites with new tools that automatically 
align and blend layers or images based on 
similar content. Make an image selection with 
one brush stroke. Perfect any selection edge in 
an easy-to-use, intuitive dialog box. And 
merge multiple photos into a panorama with 
superior results.
Attention photographers!
Check out Adobe Photoshop 
Lightroom software, the perfect 
complement to Photoshop CS3. 
Lightroom lets you import, select, 
develop, and showcase large 
volumes of digital images and then 
send them to Photoshop CS3—in 
one click—for advanced editing. 
Together, Photoshop CS3 and 
Lightroom deliver the ideal workflow 
solution for photographers. For more 
information, visit
Adobe Photoshop CS3 software accelerates your path from 
imagination to imagery. Ideal for photographers, graphic 
designers, and web designers, the professional standard 
delivers new features such as automatic layer alignment  
and blending that enable advanced compositing. Live filters  
boost the comprehensive, nondestructive editing toolset for 
increased flexibility. And a streamlined interface and new 
timesaving tools make your work flow faster.
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