Philips HD Media player HMP2000 HMP2000/05 Data Sheet

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18 EN
3  Play from online services
Connect the playerto the Internet. You can enjoy online services on the TV.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. bears no responsibility for content provided by Net TV service 
Connect to the Internet
What you need
A wired router that is connected to the Internet
Press  .
The home page is displayed.
Select [Setup] and press OK.
The setup menu is displayed.
Select [Network]>[Wireless]and press OK.
A list of available wireless networks is displayed.
Select your network from the list and press OK.
A mini keyboard is displayed.
•  If your network is encrypted with a Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 
key, select [Hex code] or [ASCII] to enter the key in hex or ASCII 
format from the option menu.
•  If your network is not in the list, select [Private AP Setting] to enter the 
SSID of your network and web key.
 and OK to enter your key. 
 to confirm.
A connection test is started
The status of network connection is displayed after the test is completed.
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