Billion Electric Company Modem BIPAC-7100 User Manual

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Quick Start Guide 
Configuring Your ADSL Modem/Router  
Verifying Your Local Network Connection with the Device 
To see  if this ADSL Router is 
visible on the local network, go 
to Start Run. In the Run dialog 
box, type “ping” 
then press OK
A command prompt window will 
pop out.  If your ping is 
successful which means your 
local network is able to reach to 
the device, then the command 
prompt window will close up 
Connection fails, when you see 
Request timed out” in the 
command prompt window. You 
may need to check your set up. 
To configure this device, you must have IE 5.0 / Netscape 
4.5 or above installed