Billion Electric Company Modem BIPAC-7100 User Manual

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                                      Billion BIPAC-7100S/7100 ADSL Modem/Router 
Package Contents 
ADSL Modem/Router 
One CD-ROM containing the driver and online manual 
One Quick Start Guide 
One RJ-11 ADSL/telephone cable 
One CAT-5 straight LAN cable 
One power adapter (12VDC, 1A) 
  Do not use the BIPAC-7100S / 7100 in high humidity or high
  Do not use the same power source for the BIPAC-7100S / 7100
as other equipment. 
  Do not open or repair the case yourself.    If the BIPAC-7100S /
7100 is too hot, turn off the power immediately and have it
repaired at a qualified service center. 
  Place the BIPAC-7100S/7100 on a stable surface. 
  Only use the power adapter that comes with the package.    Using 
a different voltage rating power adaptor may damage the router.
For more detailed instructions on configuring and using 
the ADSL Modem/ Router, please refer to the on-line