Bosch HES5053U Product Datasheet

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from the date of purchase or closing date for new construction.  This cosmetic warranty excludes slight color variations due to inherent differences in painted and porcelain parts, as well as 
differences caused by kitchen lighting, product location, or other similar factors. This cosmetic warranty specifically excludes any display, floor, “As Is”, or “B” stock appliances.
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30" Electric Freestanding Range
500 Series – Stainless Steel HES5053U
Stainless Steel
Ranges deliver power and 
functionality that help 
them perform as good as 
they look.
Features & Benefits
Convection saves time 
and energy: a fan provides 
even heat distribution 
throughout the cavity for 
superior cooking results.
PowerBoil provides quick 
heating with powerful 
3,000 W element.
Extra large 12 inch 
element offers the 
capability to use multiple 
pan sizes.
Dual element offers the 
capability to use multiple 
pan sizes.
100 W warming zone is 
perfect for keeping food 
ready to serve or pre-
warming dishes.
Technical Details
Watts (W) 
9,500 W
Circuit breaker (A) 
40 A
Volts (V) 
240/208 V
Frequency (Hz) 
60 Hz
Plug type
No plug
Cord length
Energy source 
Dimensions & Weight
Overall appliance 
dimensions (HxWxD)(in.)
47 3/4" x 29 7/8" x 
25 3/4"
Required cutout size 
(HxWxD) (in.)
30" width 
Adjustable range height 
Net weight (lbs)
Oven racks x 2
General Properties
Oven Capacity
5.4 cu. ft.
Cooking modes
Convection Bake, 
Bake and Broil
Cleaning type
Self Clean
Knob material
Drawer type
Storage drawer
Oven Performance
Bake element watts (W) 3,500 W
Broil element watts (W) 3,600 W
Element Performance
Total number of cooktop 
Power of front left 
element watts (W)
3,000 W
Power of back left 
element watts (W)
1,200 W
Power of center element 
watts (W)
100 W
Power of back right 
element watts (W)
1,200 W
Power of front right 
element watts (W)
2,700 W
Element Size
Dimension of front left 
heating element
6" / 9"
Dimension of back left 
heating element
Dimension of center 
heating element
Dimension of back right 
heating element
Dimension of front right 
heating element
9" / 12"