Vulcan-Hart Wallmnt-Chrbkr Leaflet

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These brackets will work with all sizes of the 
following models: 
        Wolf                                   Vulcan        
RB salamanders               VSB salamanders 
IRB salamanders              VCM cheesemelters 
CMJ cheesemelters                                               
1. Follow the combustible/noncombustible 
    clearance guidelines that are listed in the 
    “Installation” section for the installation and 
    operation manual of the unit you are 
2. Make sure brackets are level and properly 
    spaced so that bracket holes will align with 
    the threaded holes on the bottom of the  
    unit to be mounted. 
3. Secure brackets to wall by means of lag  
    screws or bolts. 
4. Mount the brackets only in the upside-down 
    “L” position as shown. 
5. Make sure the lag bolts or screws engage  
    wall studs. 
6. Place unit into position on the brackets, 
   making sure that the unit’s bottom threaded 
   holes are aligned with the holes in the 
7. Secure unit into position with 3/8” bolts at the 
    bottom of the unit through the holes in the