Vosonic VP6300 User Manual

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Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will 
invalidate the warranty. Do not open the system as there is a risk of electronic shock. 
If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the system for repair. 
If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints ,consult Your dealer or 
service center. 
USB Connection issues
Under Windows 98SE, the VP6300 should not be connected to the system before 
the driver has been installed. 
If using a USB port in the front of your computer, try a USB port in the back. Front 
USB ports are often from non-powered. 
If using a laptop computer and a docking station, try connecting without the 
docking station. 
If you cannot see the files on the device after copied files to VP6300 via USB from 
computer , You must properly remove ( un-mount) your VP6300 from the computer 
disconnecting the USB cable to avoid loss of data or freezing the computer 
and VP6300. 
OS issues 
MacOS 10.0.x does not adequately support FAT volumes. Upgrading to 10.1 or 
later is mandatory 
The FAT-32 format made by MacOS X´s Disk Utility is incorrect. Formatting must 
be done under MacOS 9. 
The FAT volumes do not appear or disappear until after the mouse is being moved. 
Corrupt data , General Error , Can’t open Source File 
Due to file allocation table (FAT) has been corrupted, the data in memory card 
transferred into VP6300 may be looks faulty, please backup the data and run 
ScanDisk , Dsik Defragmenter or reformat the memory card. 
The browser will show a ? icon indicating that it is not one of the standard file types 
that it can play.   
Formatting, and partitioning 
To work in the stand-alone mode, both the disk and the memory cards must be 
formated to the FAT or FAT-32 file systems.   
To have the 30G above Hard Disk works on your PC , you can partition the HDD.