Rangemaster RDW459FI/SF User Manual

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1.  Before You Start
At Time of Delivery
Check packaging and dishwasher immediately for signs of 
transport damage. If the appliance is damaged DO NOT USE. 
Contact your supplier or customer services.
Please dispose of packaging materials properly.
During Installation
Site the dishwasher and connect in accordance with the 
installation instructions.
DO NOT connect the dishwasher to the electricity 
supply while carrying out the installation.
Make sure that the wiring is properly earthed.
The mains electricity supply must conform to the details 
shown on the dishwasher nameplate.
DO NOT connect the dishwasher to the electricity 
supply with an extension cable.
Built-under and built-in appliances should always be 
installed under a continuous work surface attached 
to adjacent cupboards. This will make sure that the 
appliance is stable.
After the appliance has been installed, the mains plug 
should be easily accessible.
DO NOT excessively bend or flatten the power supply 
cord during installation. 
During Normal Use
The dishwasher MUST only be used for washing 
household dishes and cooking utensils.
This appliance cannot be installed outdoors.
DO NOT place any heavy objects or stand on the door 
when it is open. The appliance may tip forward.
The water inside the dishwasher is NOT suitable for 
DO NOT use solvents of any kind inside your 
dishwasher. They could cause an explosion.
Open the door very carefully if the dishwasher is 
NEvER touch the dishwasher with wet hands.
If the appliance is not operating properly or 
maintenance is required, disconnect from the power 
Children should be supervised.
Keep detergents out of reach of children.
If a Fault Occurs
If the appliance malfunctions, turn off the water supply and 
disconnect the plug from the wall socket. If you cannot solve 
the problem, contact your service centre.
Only authorized persons should make repairs.
If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the 
manufacturer, service agents or authorized persons.
To maintain the efficiency and safety of this appliance we 
Call only Service Centres authorized by the 
Always use original spare parts.
Caring for the Environment
Disposing of your packaging
Your new dishwasher was protected by suitable packaging 
while on its way to you. All of the materials used are 
environmentally friendly for disposal and can be recycled. 
Please make a contribution to protecting the environment by 
disposing of the packaging appropriately.
Disposing of your old dishwasher
Old appliances still have some residual value. An 
environmentally friendly method of disposal will make sure 
that valuable raw materials can be recovered and used again.
When an appliance has reached the end of its working life 
unplug it from the mains. Cut off the mains cable and dispose 
of it together with the plug.
Destroy the door locking mechanism so that children cannot 
accidentally lock themselves in.
This symbol on the product or its packaging 
indicates that the product may not be treated as 
household waste. Instead it should be handed 
over your local community waste collection/
recycling centre.
By disposing of this product correctly, you will help prevent 
potential negative consequences for the environment and 
human health, which could otherwise be caused.
For more detailed information about recycling of this 
product, please contact your local council, your household 
waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the 
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